What’s in store 

Saturn in Aquarius is perhaps the most expected travel of the year. 

Saturn enters Aquarius on December 17, 2020, and will remain in Aquarius until March 2023. 

We can’t discuss Saturn in Aquarius without placing it into the setting of Jupiter-Saturn combination on December 21st, 2020, at 0° Aquarius. 

This isn’t ‘only’ a Saturn-Jupiter combination – this is the top combination in an Aquarius since the mid-fifteenth century, and the clincher is that it happens precisely at 0° Aquarius. 

As you may know, Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are extremely recurrent and have a place with 200-year basic cycles. The current Earth cycle will end on December twentieth, 2020, and the AIR basic cycle started on December 21st, 2020. This is BIG. 

At the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, you truly need to focus on Saturn’s travel in Aquarius (Pluto will likewise enter Aquarius in 2024). 

Saturn And Aquarius 

To perceive what’s in store from this travel, we audit what Saturn and Aquarius depend on. 

Saturn is an incredible instructor. A portion of Saturn’s aquarius zodiac sign catchphrases are rules, discipline, persistence, obligation, and development. Saturn needs us to grow up! 

Saturn has gone through 2.5 years in Capricorn. Our work in the last 2.5 was to “ace” Capricorn, for example, to learn all that we can about rules, chains of importance, and control. What’s more, we did (enthusiastically or less energetically). 

Presently it’s Aquarius’ chance to get examined by the Great Teacher. Any change is awkward right away. Saturn was in Aquarius early this year when the lockdown measures were carried out. These actions always changed how we collaborate with others. We had: 

Social (Aquarius) removing (Saturn). 

Air travel (Aquarius) delays (Saturn). 

On the web (Aquarius) and remote working (Saturn). 

Does it mean Saturn in Aquarius is about limitations? No. Saturn at first ‘compels’ us to go into new domains so we can have a change in outlook and foster the positive characteristics of the sign. 

With Saturn in Aquarius, we bring the accompanying shifts: 

From group attitude (aimlessly and nonsensically following the group without checking in with one’s trustworthiness) to good partnership. We care for others not because we anticipate something consequently, yet from a genuine longing to contribute and effect. 

From bogus majority rules system (hoping to practice one’s rights without satisfying one’s commitments) to genuine popular government. The majority rules system implies rights, yet in addition commitments. A genuine simple majority rules system happens when individuals add and could be expected to a superior society. 

From a misguided feeling of opportunity (insubordination without assuming liability) to the genuine opportunity that comes from the capacity to oversee oneself 

From scholarly vainglory (advancing ‘scientific’ data without completely getting it, while harassing the individuals who have a different point of view) to mastery dependent on basic, inclination free reasoning, and forever and a day of study 

From innovation dependence on esteem creation through innovation. Innovation should make our life simpler or more charming, not to get us depressed by it. Saturn in Aquarius will uncover the restrictions of innovation and make us use it for what was intended for: to spread information and unite similar individuals. 

From HR (individuals seen as creation units) to human resources. At the point when enabled, the human brain can accomplish mind-boggling things. 

There is a motivation behind why Aquarius follows Capricorn. We can not have Aquarius’ guarantee of opportunity except if we figure out how to manage rules, cycles, and chains of command (Capricorn) first. 

Yet, with Saturn’s takeoff from Capricorn, there isn’t anything left to find out about hierarchical standards and designs. Saturn in Aquarius will present to us a different kind of request. 

Saturn = design, discipline, and request. Be that as it may, while Capricorn’s request is hierarchical (from the pioneer), progress comes to base up (from the person) with Aquarius. 

With Saturn in Aquarius, the authority is YOU. No compelling reason to search for it outwardly. It needs to come from the inside. 

Saturn in Aquarius – Holding Space 

Bit by bit, cell by cell, human by human, together, we will change the world. 

From December 2020 until March 2023, Saturn in Aquarius will make new designs that alter our general public. 

How might it do that? 

Aquarius is a YANG sign (rather than Capricorn, a YIN sign). If Saturn in Capricorn is worried about the material world, Saturn in Aquarius is worried about the bizarre, unique world. 

It’s less about what’s substantial; it’s less about assets. It is more about thoughts, strategies, and new dreams for what’s to come. Regardless of whether Saturn rules Aquarius, this isn’t a similar Saturn we had in Capricorn! 

Both Saturn and Uranus control Aquarius. Saturn and Uranus couldn’t be more different. Saturn is rules and discipline, and Uranus is opportunity. Furthermore, it is this inward clash and conundrum that makes Aquarius so unique and imaginative. 

Many individuals trust Aquarius individuals are progressives. Not really. Aquarius is a cool, normal air sign. What’s more, because it is reasonable and disinterested with the custom, it sometimes conflicts with the standard and shocks everybody. 

Notwithstanding, at its center, Aquarius isn’t the road progressive that tosses Molotov mixed drinks and gets into battles. Aquarius’ opportunity and disobedience come from elsewhere. 

Aquarius is an Air sign, so it is about space. Aquarius is likewise a good sign, so it has an enduring quality. If we set up the two ideas, we get “holding space.” 

Holding space is a term utilized in training, and it implies being truly, intellectually, and genuinely present for somebody. Holding space implies putting your attention on somebody while being without judgment and permitting the other to ‘simply be.’ 

You are there; you give it a second thought. However, you don’t pass judgment. This isn’t detachedness (a quality Aquarius is at times ‘blamed’ for) – this is holding space without permitting your abstract point of view to dominate and impact the other. 

Saturn in Aquarius will assist us with making structures where we can hold space for other people and permit them to put themselves out there without judgment. Being in that space that Aquarius holds essentially seems like the meaning of opportunity. 

What Will Saturn in Aquarius Bring? 

What you think about it! 

Saturn is the planet of obligation, and Aquarius is the indication of independence. 

One thing without a doubt. While Saturn is in Aquarius, it will be really difficult to fault the public authority/foundation (Capricorn) for what turns out badly. That is because Aquarius isn’t the Government. Aquarius is “We, individuals.” 

Aquarius is that opportunity we can discover when we assume liability for our lives and become completely self-governing. 

This kind of opportunity can’t be found by battling against the foundation. It must be discovered when we quit admiring the foundation. 

It must be discovered when we prevent searching for answers from an external perspective. It must be discovered when we quit giving our capacity to another administering substance – from government officials to our chiefs or cell phones. 

Any Aquarius travels bring a change in outlook. Saturn in Aquarius is no special case. 

A change in outlook is a key change in approach or our hidden suspicions – whatever these presumptions. 

For instance, in certain pieces of the world, individuals have gone out to cast a ballot in higher numbers than any time in recent memory, inspired by Aquarius’ municipal soul. They made a move. 

In different pieces of the world, individuals decided not to cast a ballot. Not because they felt crushed, but since they did not feel addressed by people with significant influence. They ‘turned off’ from the framework and just left. They become their power. 

Saturn in Aquarius’ guarantee of opportunity may not sound exceptionally alluring. However, that might be because we probably won’t know is free. 

There is no set-in-stone manner to seek after opportunity. However long we assume liability for our lives, as long as our decisions come from a position of genuine self-self-governance – we will presumably make the best choice – for ourselves and society all in all. 

The genuine Saturn in Aquarius upheaval will occur inside. Not that we will not have a ‘legitimate’ upheaval. With Saturn square Uranus the greater part of 2021, you can wager that individuals will rampage too. 

Be that as it may, at last, the genuine insurgency can just occur inside ourselves. 

In the following 2.5 years, the battle isn’t against “them,” however against our restricting convictions – against what keeps us little, subjugated, and out of uprightness. 

Rather than appointing the force and obligation to states and enterprises, Saturn in Aquarius will pass the obligation back to us – how might we, as people, add to society and make the world an ideal spot? 

Saturn in Aquarius is genuinely our chance to construct good establishments dependent on Aquarian esteems like opportunity, individual independence, understanding, clarity, sharing information, and cooperation. 

Above all, Saturn in Aquarius is tied in with recognizing the worth of humanity. 

Saturn in Aquarius is about how we, as people – every one of us – add to an ideal world – by aiding ourselves, our kindred people, and other living creatures. The highest manifestation of Saturn in Aquarius is the amount of supported activities of every person to make the world a special spot.